Empowered American Women : 2016

In the past 50 years women have made incredible strides! Today, women, led by the highly privileged among them, are at the helm of society, industry and politics. Did society give too many rights to women and leave men behind?

Take a look at America’s growing white female privilege checklist for 2016.

In today’s modern patriarchal society, she…

  • Expects to be treated more leniently by the courts than any man committing a similar crime.[i]
  • Can choose to abort her unborn child, or farm it out for adoption, without taking account of the father’s wishes.[ii]
  • Can reap the benefit of affirmative action schemes that facilitate access to cheap loans, female-oriented fellowship programs, and grants that provide her with an unfair advantage over male competitors.[iii]
  • Can make false accusations of sexual abuse and most likely get away with it, while a man is forced to suffer social shame, risks imprisonment and is labeled a sex offender.[iv]
  • Enjoys physical, emotional and financial support, as well as free legal advice, from female-focused crisis centers. Comparable networks for men who suffer abuse at women’s hands simply do not exist.[v]
  • May call 911 with unfounded claims of physical violence and sexual assault by men and expect the police to believe her claims. Her accusation is reason enough to get a man thrown into jail while he is investigated. In cross-gender crimes, it is invariably the man who is guilty until proven innocent.[vi]
  • Will probably never see the inside of jail or prison, unlike one in three black and brown males.[vii]
  • Belongs or belonged to the 60% female majority on college campuses across the U.S. who have been protected by organizations created solely to provide safe havens, form policies and offer consultations that support women’s social and psychological needs. Support groups that deal with “male issues” remain in their infancy.[viii]
  • Is presumed innocent of sexual assault claims, while men must prove their lack of guilt. In fact, many men are punished without proof.[ix]
  • Generally has no need to fear any consequences for abusing a male partner in public. She may hit, slap and scold him; he is socially bound to accept her actions without retaliation.[x]
  • Regularly plays the “weaker sex” card at work. She will ask men to lift heavy objects or retrieve something from a high shelf. But if he asks her to bring him a cup of coffee, he risks facing a charge of sexual harassment that could cost him his job.
  • Controls 85% of America’s spending power and is the coveted target of massive marketing attention. Privileged white women are the Holy Grail of the modern advertising machine; men, in contrast, are often the butt of jokes that ridicule their intelligence or masculinity.[xi]
  • Is part of the 58% majority of the U.S. workforce who are women.[xii]
  • Has a 70% or greater chance of getting hired for a job than a man, even in the traditionally male-dominated STEM fields.[xiii] [xiv]
  • Earns more than men her age when she is in her twenties.[xv]
  • Stands a better chance of starting a business than a man. More than ten million women own and operate their own companies, with a great many receiving affirmative action assistance.[xvi]
  • Can breast feed in public.
  • Uses misandry as a weapon. She forms bonds with her “sisters” and encourages slander of the male character amid wild accusations about the oppression of women.[xvii]
  • Can be confident that when she smiles sweetly and flicks her hair, male co-workers will drop everything to do her bidding.
  • Expects and usually demands that the man picks up the tab on a date.[xviii]
  • Is far less likely to become the victim of violence or murder than a man, regardless of ethnicity.[xix]
  • Is considered “normal” if she chooses to be one of the 10 million single moms in the U.S. A single father, however, is generally regarded as a failure of some kind.
  • Expects, if Canadian, to join the privileged ranks of the women who occupy 50% of the top political posts in that country.
  • Will have received enormous encouragement as a child to strive for any dream or goal she might have.
  • Has grown up in an environment that glorifies feminization and scolds or punishes boys for being less well behaved than girls.[xx] [xxi]
  • Can turn on the TV and expect to find that her “sisters” are well respected and disproportionately represented in the news.[xxii]
  • Usually ends up with custody after a divorce and often receives government assistance to support herself and her offspring.[xxiii]
  • Will freely date other men or partners after a split, with an eye toward finding a new ‘provider’ for her family.[xxiv]
  • Can, if she chooses, negotiate a division of labor with her marriage partner, and subsequently file for a no-fault divorce if, at any time, she becomes dissatisfied.[xxv]
  • Enjoys the natural attention bestowed upon her by men. She can expect to be treated like a queen,[xxvi] [xxvii] while her wedding day remains solely her day![xxviii]
  • Is never expected to lift heavy objects or perform any sort of difficult or dangerous task if there is an able-bodied male close by.[xxix] [xxx]

The age of the “privileged white woman” is upon us

But it’s not too late. People are supporting and donating to men’s collectives, men’s gender issue programs on college campuses, and Red Pill groups such as the NCFM. Organizations like Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) are springing up everywhere. More and more of us are breaking free of the invisible chains and seeking our destiny in a new world where women no longer control and manipulate us at will. You, too, can join the movement. Be a man…again!

By Tim Patten, author of the MGTOW classic, Why I Cheat, and the March 2016 book, MGTOW: Building Wealth and Power.

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